Photo-Wild - Web Hosting & Design - (Webpage still under construction)

This page is more by way of a kernel of an idea......

As part of the job being a self employed hotel boat owner/operator, Nick has over the years managed to learn how to put together small commercial websites to market his own hotel boat business (as well as assisting other businesses do the same). That hotel boat site enjoyed first page google listings.

As of now this website was designed from scratch by Nick and is web hosted using our own 1&1 Internet hosting account. This hosting service has sufficient 'space' to pretty well host an unlimited number of websites of a size to suit most self employed (but probably not those using databases such as Amazon, which are obviously 'in another league').

Perhaps as a retired 'motorhomer' you might wish to have your own site - with no hidden advertising issues - we might just be able to help.

If so contact Nick for a chat as he still dabbles, more by way of a hobby than by way of a business.