Scottish Waterways Wild: The content on this page relates to 'Waterways Wild' in Scotland mainly on the Lowland Canals. The photos/locations are shown in date order (some during motorhome tours) - most recent first.......

Entrance to the Crinan Canal at Crinan Harbour: 

ScotCrinan1.jpg ScotCrinan2.jpg
Above: Looking out over Loch Crinan from the sea lock at the western end of the Crinan Canal.
ScotCrinan3.jpg ScotCrinan4.jpg
Above: Yachts about to share the sea lock to enter the Crinan Canal
Above: Safe moorings for yachts in the Crinan Canal harbour area.

Tidal River Leven and the Clyde (In a narrowboat!): 

Above: Willow 'craned in' from a lorry to the tidal River Leven bound for the Firth of Clyde and entry to the canals at Bowling.
ScotClyde3.jpg ScotClyde4.jpg
Above: Willow turns out of the tidal R.Leven into the MUCH bigger shipping lanes of the Clyde.... strewth!
Above: Willow now draws into the safety of the canal sea lock at Bowling... phew!.

2011 to 2015 - Union Canal Scenes (whilst still trading in Scotland with Hotelboat 'Willow'): 

ScotAlmond1.jpg ScotAlmond2.jpg
Above: Almond Aqueduct on the Union Canal near Ratho, West Lothian, from below and above.
ScotAvon1.jpg ScotAvon2.jpg
Above: Avon Aqueduct on the Union Canal near Linlithgow - from below and from the crossing canal.
Above: Union Canal views just east of Vellore Bridge near Whitecross
Above: Canal scenes just east of the Falkirk Tunnel

2011 to 2015 - Falkirk Canal Tunnel (whilst still trading in Scotland with Hotelboat 'Willow'): 

ScotFalkTunnel1.jpg ScotFalkTunnel2.jpg
Above: Rock Hewn Falkirk Tunnel (now lit by lamps)
Above: Boatmen were superstitious .. spot the troll

2011 to 2015 - Falkirk Wheel & the Kelpies (whilst still trading in Scotland with Hotelboat 'Willow'): 

ScotFalkWheel1.jpg ScotFalkWheel4.jpg
Above: Approaching the top of the Falkirk Wheel from above (Roughcastle Tunnel and Wheel Aqueduct).
ScotFalkWheel2.jpg ScotFalkWheel3.jpg
Above: Most photos of the Falkirk Wheel are taken during the day - we've added a couple illuminated at night.
Above: From the bow of our boat in the Falkirk Wheel.. looking down
Above: We spotted this little male kingfisher whilst moored at the Falkirk Wheel
Above: The massive Kelpies on the Forth & Clyde canal near Grangemouth - in daylight and after dark.

2011 to 2015 - Forth & Clyde Canal Scenes (whilst still trading in Scotland with Hotelboat 'Willow'): 

ScotFandC1.jpg ScotFandC2.jpg
Above: Despite the name, much of the Forth & Clyde canal is rural - here at Castlecary and near Kilsyth.
ScotBowling4.jpg ScotBowling1.jpg
Above: Forth & Clyde canal at it's west end near Clydebank and Bowling (the bridge is a traditional canal bascule).
Above: Forth & Clyde Canal at Bowling - early morning then evening (Tidal River Clyde in 'the distance')