Scottish Outdoor Access Code:
The land Reform (Scotland) Act, 2003, was brought in by the Scottish Government to establish a statutory framework of public Access rights to most of Scotland's land and inland water. These legal rights are based on the principle of reasonable access with obligations both on the access users and on the managers of the land/water. Guidance on these responsibilities is set out in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code 2005.

In England & Wales: Having researched the subject, this page on photo-wild aims to give guidance to other motorhome users as to what is (and what isn't) acceptable in terms of our use of a motorhome in Scotland and even, in some repects, within England and Wales. Certainly Road Traffic law in England & Wales is broadly the same as in Scotland - so in the absence of a Traffic Regulation Order you can stop and sleep in any road layby - complying with drivers hours legislation, HGV drivers do so regularly. Before leaving the subject of England and Wales, I understand that 'law of trespass' south of the border is generally a civil matter - and not a 'trespassers will be prosecuted' criminal issue. So treat the adage that 'wild motorhoming' in England and Wales is illegal, with some suspicion. There is certainly no UK statute that creates a blanket offence of staying in a motorhome elsewhere than on a caravan site.

Although the main content of this page deals with the law in Scotland, we use the same Scottish code and principles of responsibility when motorhoming in England and Wales. Like most Scottish legal principles they are, after all, based on common sense.

In Scotland:
So most of this page deals with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, under the Land Reform (S) Act. It may also be of interest to local land owners and land managers who have not, perhaps, researched the subject.

The full Scottish Outdoor Access Code 2005 can be downloaded in various formats, from their official site - click here.

In summary, however, the following points seem to be of particular note:
The next points are of particular importance to motorhome use....
To sum up we fully endorse the code. We even avoid stopping overnight in places where there are unauthorised no overnight parking signs - we prefer to avoid unpleasantness. However it is very clear that the Scottish Government has, rightly, had a desire to open the Scottish countryside to responsible public access, and to prevent unfair prohibition of that access by landowners. Thus the need to legislate to bring about that principle. It also serves the need to explode certain myths.