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The photos/locations are shown in date order - most recent first. 'Detectives' with a map, can work out our motorhome routes from the dates and locations provided....

18th October'16 - Loch Broom:

Above: Outlook from layby on A832 looking north towards Loch Broom.

18th October'16 - Red Deer at Little Gruinard Bay: 

Above: Making my way down onto beach to walk dog (left) - when (right) round the corner came three female red deer - they had obviously spotted me and Skye but didn't seem bothered (luckily Skye now trained to hold "back" behind me on command).
Above: The three deer, although keeping an eye on Skye, just continued their breakfast. I eventually went back and had my breakfast.

Above: Same three deer then wandered up to our roadside layby. On the left this deer walks across the layby and glances over towards our motorhome - then (right) stops.... and pauses and stands to get a better look at us. No fear shown at all.

18th October'16 - Little Gruinard Bay and the 'Navy':

Above: Outlook from layby on A832 at Little Gruinard Bay.

Above: Whilst trying out some long lens photography, out over Loch Ewe, took photo on left (with 'white' boat on left sweeping round and in towards grey boat on right). Then five minutes later I took second photo (right) as both boats swung very close together - stopping side by side briefly. I then noticed that both boats seemed identical type/colour and both actually grey with same livery - both flying the White Ensign. Loch Ewe was renowned as a deep water loch previously used by Royal Navy - still there then. Closer look at the right photo shows the boat, now moving away, using a davit at her stern to lift in some sort of RIB ..... interesting.

18th October'16 - Overlooking Isle of Ewe and Drumchork:

Above: Loch Ewe from the  A832 looking over the Isle of Ewe (left) and Drumchork (right).

17th October'16 - Victoria Falls, beside the A832,Talladale:

Above: On a very wet day

17th October'16 - Upper Loch Torridon:

Above: From the A896 overlooking Upper Loch Torridon

16th October'16 - Shieldaig, Loch Torridon: 

Above Four: Viewpoint from Shieldaig 'crofters assoc' camping area - water point - nearby public loo - variety of 'campers' tents to motorhomes.

16th October'16 - West side of The Sleat, Skye:

Above: Driving south from Ord on the west side of the Sleat - Tokavaig & Tarskavaig (very 'challenging' motorhome access)

15th October'16 - Ord, Sleat, Skye: 

Above Six: Views from the beach at Ord - our favourite Skye location

13th October'16 - Loch Na Dal, Skye: 

Above Four: Viewpoint from the 'Drover's Path out over Loch Na Dal to the Isle of Omsay and Sound of Sleat then distant Loch Hourn

12th October'16 - Duirinish, Loch Carron:

Above: Off the beaten track, Duirinish Village

12th October'16 - Plockton, Loch Carron: 

Above Four: Outlook from the 'front' at Plockton - not overly motorhome friendly.

12th October'16 - Eilean Donan (had to be included)

Above Four: Around Eilean Donan.

12th October'16 - Loch Garry from the site of the 'Clearances' Daingean Village: 

Above: Overlooking Loch Garry from the remains of the 'clearances' village

11th October'16 - Loch Tulla: 

Above: Loch Tulla from the A82 part rain - part sun

10th October'16 - Strone Hill, nr Dalmally, Argyle & Bute: 

Strone Hill
Above: Natural Silver Birch woodland at Strone Hill and falls on the River Lochy

30th September'16 - Loch Ken, Dumfries & Galloway:

Above: From the old railway bridge on the east side of the loch

30th September'16 - Dunkitterick Cottage, in the Galloway Forest Park:

Above: Off the beaten track, between Newton Stewart and New Galloway

29th September'16 - Colvennan Fell in the Galloway Hills: 

160929ColvennanFell1.jpg 160929ColvennanFell2.jpg
Above: Colvennan Fell - more moorland than mountainous.

29th September'16 - Viewpoint at the Mull of Galloway: 

160929MullofGalloway1.jpg 160929MullofGalloway2.jpg
160929MullofGalloway3.jpg 160929MullofGalloway4.jpg
Above Four: Around the Mull of Galloway (southern most point in Scotland and south of Newcastle).

29th September'16 - Viewpoint at isolated Port Logan, The Rhins, Dumfries & Galloway: 

160929PortLogan1.jpg 160929PortLogan2.jpg
160929PortLogan3.jpg 160929PortLogan4.jpg
Above Four: Around isolated Port Logan.

29th September'16 - Viewpoint at Killantringan Lighthouse, near Black Head, The Rhins, Dumfries & Galloway: 

160929Killantringan1.jpg 160929Killantringan2.jpg
160929Killantringan3.jpg 160929Portpatrick4.jpg
Above Four: Around Killantringan Lighthouse - inhospitable coast, but the StenaLine Ferry from Ireland today properly passes Killantringan by ..... unlike the vessel shown under.
BELOW: Pardon me for a bit of personal police history about Killantringan Lighthouse.... In 1982 I was a serving country cop at Glenluce near Stranraer. In February of that year the (coastal container ship) Craigantlet left the Northern Irish coast, with the crew setting the autopilot for an initial easterly course - but they then (apparently) got drunk and forgot to change the course setting. Killantringan was manned at that time but the crew of the vessel seemingly ignored the lighthouse keeper's frantic radio warnings and the vessel ploughed, at cruising speed, into the rocks below the lighthouse. Happily there was no loss of life and the crew made it ashore. In the aftermath there were containers and other cargo debris (some hazardous) strewed all over the rocks and beach area, and the police were asked to mount surveillance from the lighthouse to ensure locals didn't steal too much of the cargo and strip the ship - until proper enquiry and arrangements were put in place. Politically they wanted to avoid another 'Whiskey Galore'. Enter the local village cops, We took it in turn to spend 8 hours (supposedly) watching over the wreck and debris from the comfort of the lighthouse. I spent about a week of shifts on watch. The vessel broke it's back on the rocks and over the years it has broken up in-situ, although remnants of the wreckage can still be seen today, nearly 35 years later.

So here's some photos I've digitally reproduced from photos I took at the time. I think the ones of the Craigantlet are probably unique from the vantage of the top of the then manned and working lighthouse (now a private property).....

Above: Craigantlet lies with broken back, having broached on the rocks below the lighthouse (Feb 1982)

Above: Walking around the working light with all it's brass and mirrors (we were under severe instructions not to touch any mirrors or brasswork which was highly polished) - don't think the police presence was appreciated by the keeper - we would disrupt his routines.
Above: Photo taken down the spiral staircase during one of my shifts - everything was kept in absolute pristine top order. The chains are part of the mechanism (with their associated weights at the bottom) to control the light 'turntable'. Had to hang over the void and hold my breath to get the shot using the natural light.

29th September'16 - Viewpoint Portpatrick Harbour, Dumfries & Galloway: 

160929Portpatrick1.jpg 160929Portpatrick2.jpg
160929Portpatrick3.jpg 160929Portpatrick4.jpg
Above Four: Around Portpatrick Harbour.

28th September'16 - Shore at Isle of Whithorn, Dumfries & Galloway: 

160928IsleoW1.jpg 160928IsleoW2.jpg
Above: Rugged coast at St Ninians, Isle of Whithorn.

27th September'16 - Viewpoint Old Viaduct near 'Gatehouse Station' in the Galloway Hills: 

160927GatehouseSt1.jpg 160927GatehouseSt2.jpg
160927GatehouseSt3.jpg 160927GatehouseSt4.jpg

Above Six: Views around the old railway Viaduct from below and on top, near Gatehouse station in the Galloway Hills

26th September'16 - Passing through the Range at Dundrennan, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway: 

160926Dundrennan2.jpg 160926Dundrennan1.jpg
Above: When we saw the sign on the left we didn't expect to see .... this Roe Deer.

26th September'16 - Orchardton Roundhouse near Kippford of Scaur, Dumfries & Galloway: 

160926Ochardton1.jpg 160926Ochardton2.jpg
Above: Apparently the only roundhouse Tower in Scotland - from the bottom and the top.

26th September'16 - Viewpoint Rockcliffe Beach, Dumfries & Galloway: 

160926Rockcliffe1.jpg 160926Rockcliffe2.jpg
Above: Rainy day Rockcliffe Beach.