Skye's Page

This page is a bit self indulgent - and basically a re-hash from an original page on our earlier commercial hotelboat site....

Visitors to a site about wild phptography would expect pages to depict photos from boat and motorhome travels - not wax lyrical about border collies.

But in 2014 we got so much kind reaction to previous border collie, Meg, passing on at 15yrs, from past boating guests and from those that know us on the canals and motorhome, we became very aware that many of our contacts have an interest.

So this page is all about Skye our most recent Collie boat crew and our constant companion on and off water. Actually she is the most accomplished 'photo bomber', as you will see.

Skye was born in September, 2013, from working parents on a hill farm in the Trossachs. To follow Meg, my companion for 15 years on the back of Willow, Skye had big boots (paws) to fill - but she's a border collie and doing grand. With only a month since Meg left us in October'13 we needed the dog crew training time - ready for the new season starting April'14 - so Skye arrived with us just one month later in November'13.

So for those interested in border collies here's a bit more about her background. We got her from Immeroin Farm deep into the hills at Glen Buckie, south of Balquhidder village in the North Trossachs. What a stunning setting to be born in - although a tough winter environment even for a hill border collie. Mother was 'Fern' born on the farm 4 years previously; Father is ''Moss', Immeroin's current top dog; with 15 year old grandmother, 'Spot' (similar markings to Skye), then retired but then still present on the farm. All proper working collies and each having a nice nature. Availability of the pups was short lived and all were spoken for within a few days (with one pup going down to a farm in England).

Update (Start 2016 Narrowboat Cruising Season):  Now adult with her first two full cruising season already under her belt. We are delighted with Skye's progress as a 'Boat Collie' - love her to bits. She may not yet know quite all Meg knew, but she's not far off. Like Meg she's happy on the back deck as we cruise - although she likes to nip inside from time to time, just to check Irene's OK.

As the photos show, she's pretty well into this motorhoming thing as well.

We still intend to have a litter with her (and keep one of her son's) - so we are leaving off getting her spayed just now to give us opportunity to perhaps have that litter - vet recommends spring 2017.

Here's some photos, but this time the most recent first.....

And here, one not to forget, my old Meg in her last year.