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Our Overview:
The best photos of the Wildlife and Wild Places of Scotland Wales and England are from Wild Camping in a Motorhome, Campervan, or Narrowboat.... Simple.
Introduction to Nick & Irene Scott:
Nick and Irene are recently retired Hotel Boat owner/operators from the Scottish and English/Welsh canal networks. Now retired, we have kept our much loved narrowboat Willow, but just as a private boat on the English/Welsh canal network. So we now spend much of the year either:
Touring in our (fairly elderly) motorhome in the more remote areas of Scotland, Wales, or the Lakes; or,
Cruising the UK canal network on 'Willow'.

There's nothing unusual about all of that, perhaps - but we have never been huge advocates of 'sitting in a circle' in a caravan site, nor sitting on a boat moored in a marina. Most often the best wild scenery and wildlife photo opportunities are to be found away from such sites and marinas - and 'far from the madding crowd'. Very often we need to wait at a particular location for the right light (or even weather) to get the best shots - confining ourselves to being on official sites or marinas just doesn't work for us - we need to be 'on location'.

We love our own grandchildren dearly, but not other peoples' using our motorhome as a frisbee target. Of course there are many motorhomers and boaters out there that quickly recognise these concepts.

Wild MotorhomingWe also just prefer the wild motorhome option - 'Camping Wild':
What could be nicer than pulling off a single track road beside a burn, or overlooking a lochan - during the Rut in the Highlands. With not a house in sight and waking up to the calls of the stags, challenging each other across the hills and forrests - Just Magical. 

Or perhaps amid the Welsh Cambrian Mountains during July and August - with fewer midges than the North West of Scotland.

Then let's make a 'photo record' of these magical stops

Wild Motorhoming We are scrupulous in the ethics of our wild motorhome camping (and mooring). In particular our motorhome is properly equipped with on-board toilet facilities. We dispose of all waste (human and dog) in a proper fashion and leave no litter - indeed we pride ourselves on the principle of leaving no 'footprint' of our very temporary stay at any particular location. Our motorhome is elderly, but adapted to suit 'wild camping' with additional fresh water storage tanks, diesel heating, and enhanced battery capacity (we don't need electric hookups so why pay for them).

We fully comply with the 'responsible behaviour' principles outlined within the Scottish Outdoor Access Code 2005 made under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 - click here for more on this.

Of course this brings us back to our raison-d'etre - we want to experience and record the wild beauty of the more remote parts of the UK and it's wildlife - why would we spoil that with a litter footprint - and how could we do that effectively from a formal caravan site, or marina berth.

Photo-Wild Photo on the Web ..... see the menu top left.
Neither of us are professional photographers, although we like to think we're 'getting better all the time'. Technically, the photography displayed on the this website will be relatively low resolution, designed merely for reasonable screen display. This is deliberate for the following reasons:
If you would like to use a displayed photo, please ask first. We are generally non-commercial.

If you have appropriate photos of your own that you would like us to display, we will certainly welcome that as a consideration. We would, of course, display a photo credit (and web link if you wish that to be arranged).